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Welcome to Soul Ambition!

Welcome to soulambition - a life, business and arts coaching and training company dedicated to helping you fulfil your potential. soulambition provides a wide range of services and information for individuals, groups of individuals, businesses and charities of all sizes, via workshops and training courses.

Success in life

What does this mean to you? A more meaningful career? Fame and fortune? A more peaceful life? More confidence? More love and better relationships? More time with friends and family? More security? More freedom?

Life coaching with soulambition can help you take stock of your life and identify the areas you want to improve. Through one-on-one coaching, workshops or online services, you can design and create the life you want to be living (not the one you feel is expected of you), with all the support you need to make the necessary changes. To find out more about coaching, click here; for personal development training, see the training section.

Success in business

Business coaching can enable individuals and organisations to design and follow a blueprint for success and continuous development and improvement. soulambition offers business support via signature and customised training courses, one-on-one or group coaching.

Small business owners often face challenges such as stress, lack of clarity, feeling overwhelmed and/or jaded. soulambition can help business owners manage stress, clarify their business vision and set the right goals to get back on track.

Business courses we offer include social media training, networking skills, presentation/public speaking skills, stress management, productivity training and much more - see the training section for more info. For business coaching, see the coaching section.



Success in the arts

Are you an artist? Are you struggling to make ends meet or to get the success you deserve? Do you suffer from a lack of self-belief, creative block or demotivation? Life coaching with soulambition can help you stay motivated, stay inspired and get yourself noticed, along with helping you to organise yourself as a business.

Are you an arts organisation or business? Business coaching with soulambition can help you marry your passion for your chosen field with strategies to compete as a cutting-edge business, so you're not sacrificing financial success for the love of the art. You can have both!

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How do you take yours?

soulambition will work with you to create a coaching programme to meet your needs, whether you want the consistency of weekly coaching sessions with your coach, or an on-line course which you can fit into a busy schedule. Perhaps you don't yet have time to commit to a full programme, but you'd like to devote a day to yourself – if this is the case, you may be able to take part in scheduled workshops in your area, or book a workshop for you and a group of like-minded friends.

soulambition is based in Northern Ireland (and Tracy's about to move to Finland), but Tracy has coached clients as far away as Beijing via VOIP/Skype - with telecoaching, it doesn't matter where in the world you are.

If you can't find exactly what you're looking for on this site, just get in touch to discuss your needs.


Here are some of the things clients have had to say about working with Tracy at soulambition - read more here.

"I have no hesitation in endorsing Tracy Dempsey. She provided invaluable coaching techniques to me as part of my bid to secure funding from Belfast City Council, which was successful. I found her to be warm and engaging with loads of creative thinking into how I should prepare my pitch for funding. I would welcome the opportunity to use her services again in the future and would highly recommend her to any new clients or people who want to use her first-class coaching services." 

Brian Pelan, upcoming online publication "View"


"I was devastated last year when I was made redundant. I quickly felt my self-esteem and confidence leaving me as I struggled to come to terms with being unemployed for the first time in my adult life. Tracy really helped me get back on track, firstly by helping me realise that what had happened to me was not my fault. The economic downturn was beyond my control, what I needed to do was concentrate on the things I could control and focus on staying positive. 

We worked on interview techniques, which really helped me stay calm and focused during the real things. A great tip from Tracy was to get feedback on my interview after the event. The feedback gave me a confidence boost when I needed it most, but also gave me something to work on for the next time.

Thankfully it wasn’t long before I got back into employment, but I would recommend Tracy to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.  Her relaxed attitude makes her really easy to talk to."
 [Susan ended up with a choice of job offers after her coaching!]
Susan B., Lisburn


"When I found myself struggling to find employment after months of applications, it created both self-doubt from constant rejection, and de-motivation from the lack of a definable future.
Tracy helped me to look at an achievable strategy for long term goals, beyond my present situation.  I regained the focus to make pro-active decisions, the self-belief to act on them, and the motivation to carry through when it was difficult." 

C.S.L., Belfast (NI)

"Tracy has a relaxed friendly style that I found put me at ease immediately. She addressed my concerns and worries with the appropriate level of seriousness whilst at the same time maintaining a positive attitude that is enveloping.

The biggest hurdles that I had to overcome were changing my behaviors and attitude and realizing that I myself could and can break old habits. After four sessions I have overcome the difficulties that I faced in the work environment and seemed insurmountable only a few weeks ago and I am looking forward to practicing these lessons learned, with the tools Tracy has given me, in other areas of my life!

It is, for me, a reflection on the teacher that the student has excelled beyond his expectations!" 

Padraig, Belfast (NI)

"I found Tracy to be very caring, upbeat person who had excellent life coaching skills. We focused on self esteem, building confidence and developing better relationships. At the end of our sessions I had improved greatly in each of these areas and I am feeling confident, happier and back on track again." 

P.A.C., Co. Antrim (NI)

"Before I started life coaching with a life coach from Soul Ambition, I was stuck in a rut going nowhere fast. I had lost all sense of direction in my life ... During my life coaching sessions we focused on improving the non-existent relationship that I had with myself at that time, building up my confidence and increasing my non-existent self esteem, as well as challenging my negative attitude towards everything.

Since ending my life coaching sessions I feel much more positive in everything that I do. I am no longer so hard on myself for any mistakes that I make. I am my own best friend. I would highly recommend soulambition life coaching; 'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step'. "

V.G., Swindon (GB) 


"Over the last three months Tracy has been coaching me through some very big transitions in my career and I could not have steered through these changes without her help ... Tracy’s coaching skills helped me identify and focus on the most important aspects of my work and to deal with problems and issues in a practical, effective way.

It encouraged me to know Tracy was on my side, cheering me on while pointing out the negative talk in my head and the ways in which I talk myself out of things through my own lack of confidence. She helped me to clearly identify my own strengths, skills and values and use these as a guide to making decisions, judgements and changes.

Our discussions were lively and enjoyable and have given me the ability to focus on concrete things and see them progress. My self-confidence has increased no-end!"

Jackie Boyle, Ardoyne Women's Group, Belfast (NI)


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