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Soul Ambition videos currently in planning stage - in the meantime, check out these playlists on SoulAmbitionTV:

Chill Out  - a variety of meditation videos, from a 'one-moment' meditation to an hour-and-a-half-long mindfulness meditation class with Jon Kabat-Zinn 

Making Art  - a selection of 'how-to' drawing videos, covering cartoons, figure work, anime 

Vocal Coaching  - instructional videos for freeing your voice and improving range and tone 

There are more being added all the time, so subscribe to whichever playlist you like, or the whole channel!  

I recently interviewed absolute gent and stellar musician Greg Howe, filmed at the Crescent Arts Centre team after Greg's guitar masterclass for Livewire Belfast. Watch his take on how to be awesome here.

And, because I enjoyed this so much, here's a short film I got asked to perform in after attending a Raindance "Lo-to-No Budget" filmmaking workshop. It was written, directed and produced by film students at Belfast Metropolitan College, and I thought the script was hilarious. (I claim writing credit for 'chronic photographic absentia' tho'!) My on-screen hubby is talented Larry Cowan of Lamb Films . Enjoy! 

The Girl Who Can't Appear on Film - by Philip Catherwood